I am so fortunate to have many past clients share in their own words what their experiences have meant to them. Below are some from the past few years.

You may never know exactly what you do for people, but I just want you to know that you are giving people such a beautiful thing. You're giving people freedom, acceptance, understanding and self love. At the beginning of our session you made me feel so comfortable because you said you try to make people feel the beauty that they have within, their true beauty. You do that completely.

-Meagan R

Colin Nicolai PhotographyColin Nicolai PhotographyColin Nicolai Photography www.cnicphoto.com You are super open during our shoots. I love that you're flexible and are down for whatever. You make me feel completely comfortable and give great guidance. It's always so much fun shooting with you!

-Neika E

I've been insecure about myself lately and these pictures make me feel beautiful. I just love how they came out. Whenever I'm having a bad day I look at them and remind myself that I am beautiful in my own special way.

-Sierra C

kimberleekimberlee Working with Colin has been an extreme pleasure and phenomenal learning experience. He's helped me find perspective and growth in my life. The creative environment is professional, comfortable and always fun. Colin has a wonderful talent for photographing his clients in the most incredible ways. I have and will continue to recommend him to everyone and anyone. I hope to continue to work with him in the future.

-Kimberlee E

maddiemaddie Colin always makes me feel comfortable and confident. I love how he works with you to get exactly what you envision. Even if you've never been in front of a camera before, he has plenty of experience with direction so you get the look you want. He is professional and creative. I love my photos and I can’t wait to work with him again!

-Maddi F

You've shown me the confidence in myself I never knew I had. I couldn't thank you enough for helping me feel beautiful again.

-Jovannah M

CNIC8564CNIC8564 To celebrate my 30th I decided to treat myself to a boudoir shoot with the amazingly talented Colin Nicolai. It was such a fun experience! He made me feel so comfortable and led me the entire way since I had no experience in front of the camera before. The pictures look stunning and I am absolutely going to do it again!

-Melissa M

valerievalerie I think every girl has insecurities no matter their physique. I love my session because when I look at the photos, it reminds me that I’m beautiful. Colin did an amazing job of accentuating the best traits (my eyes and curves of my body) while also hiding my biggest insecurities (big arms and pudgy stomach). It's amazing how he did that through posing, without any Photoshop or filters. He's just an amazing photographer. I also love that it’s boudoir but it’s very classy, the photos are tasteful and done in a very professional setting.

-Valerie R

jeslynjeslyn I was nervous at first because boudoir was something I never saw myself doing. But he made me feel super comfortable and the photos turned out better than I ever imagined.

-Jeslyn C

sarahsarah Shooting with you brought me an unbelievable amount of confidence that I could not thank you enough for!

-Sarah N

CNIC6033CNIC6033 Colin’s work speaks for itself, but it’s the experience that most girls can’t always see in his photos. It really doesn’t matter how fit or thin or confident you think you should be for a photoshoot. Every woman should celebrate herself in this moment, indulge in this amazing experience and unabashedly create beautiful photos. To add icing to the cake, just know that Colin is so much fun. He makes every effort to make you feel comfortable, has a fantastic sense of humor and will undoubtedly find “such pretty lighting!!” Even months after the shoot, I’m still so in love with my pictures and can’t wait to do it again!

-Nickie R

Your energy and the level of comfortability is so awesome. You made me feel so myself and so beautiful, which is so important!

-McKenna B

You have been such a gift to my life over the past three years. Working with you in the capacity that we have has helped me continue to heal my relationship with my body, further explore my own creative process, and embrace my sensuality in a whole new way.

-Ellie H

CNIC7353CNIC7353 I first came across Colin's photography on Instagram and was instantly drawn to his work. Doing a boudoir shoot was a celebration for overcoming and recovering from my eating disorder and I was very anxious and nervous beforehand, but Colin is very attentive and is not only professional, but very friendly and approachable towards his clients as well. I drove all the way from San Francisco for this shoot and it was worth the 218 mile drive. He will make sure you are comfortable during your entire shoot and makes sure your photos turn out phenomenal. Anyone can own a nice camera and label themselves as a photographer, but Colin goes above and beyond with his craft and his passion truly shows in all of his work and the connection he makes with his clients.

-Fara C

CNIC6613CNIC6613 You helped me find confidence within myself - for me, and no one else! I never found myself pretty and have always struggled with self confidence, but seeing what you & I could create through photography really helped my come out of my shell.

-Arial W

I was one of the first people you ever took photos of. You were just starting photography and asked if I wanted photos done. One of the first things I noticed, and I loved, was how kind, genuine and even quiet you were. You weren't afraid to make suggestions, you were always kind, and someone that anyone would feel comfortable working with. You are excellent at making others feel comfortable. Anytime I talk to anyone who has worked with you, they all say the same thing. Watching you blossom into a wonderful and amazing photographer with an outstanding reputation makes me truly happy.

-Jessica P