Photography & Videography

Photo...whether it's your phone, your camera, or my equipment...

Video... fastest growing... Tiktok, twitch, youtube, streaming services... multiple cameras. multiple angles. creative lighting.

Graphic Design

If you need help creating graphics for your social media profiles, website, OnlyFans, etc I can create high resolution JPEG and PNG files. Some examples include: Instagram story highlight covers, OnlyFans menus, Twitter banners, etc.

Watermarks: If you want your logo or custom text watermarked on top of your images to prevent theft and/or help market yourself...

Photo & Video Editing

  • If you would like your personal photos and/or videos edited, I now offer that service.
  • I will not edit another photographer's work unless they have given you the right to do so, so make sure everything you want edited is not copyrighted material.
  • For photos: I can enlarge, crop, body reshape, smooth skin, remove blemishes, remove stray hairs, remove objects, clean up backgrounds, etc.
  • For videos: I can crop, resize, splice, join, create transitions, remove audio, add music, add title screen or credits, etc.
  • Blur/censor: If you need your face or any part of your body blurred or censored, I can do that for both photo and video content.