About Me

Colin Nicolai is a Las Vegas based photographer specializing in content creation for models, adult entertainers and sex workers in all industries.

cnicphoto1cnicphoto1 Why I Am Different

There are hundreds of great options for photographers in Las Vegas. To help you choose, here are a few distinguishing factors about my business that set me apart from everyone else:

  • Unique, Creative Shoots - I pride myself on being a creative artist. Let's pick a random location, or fun props, or create a one-of-a-kind set that no one else has ever done before. I also love collaborating with other artists. Let's design a full-scale art installation and do a photoshoot in it. Let's work with a body paint artist and turn your body into a piece of art. Let's work with a painter or tattoo artist to create a custom backdrop that we can shoot in front of. The options are endless and I have a six page document full of ideas that I've already come up with that we can go through together, or we can create something brand new together.
  • More Than A Photographer - I am not just a photographer, I am also a posing coach, a wardrobe specialist, and a cheerleader all-in-one. When we shoot together, I will help pose and direct you during the entire photo shoot, helping highlight your strengths and hiding anything you may be insecure about through poses, props and angles. I will also help you choose which outfits to wear and which order to shoot them in. Finally, I am also your personal cheerleader. I know how nerve-racking taking photos in front of another person can be, so I will do everything I can to help you feel safe, confident and have as much fun as possible while we're together.
  • Same Day Proofs - Once your photo shoot is finished, I will go through the photos and proof them for blurriness, sharpness and remove any duplicates. I will upload those proofs onto a password protected online gallery so you can choose which ones you want edited. This all happens on the same day as your session! No more waiting days, weeks or sometimes months for a photographer to show you photos!
  • Edits Within 2-3 Business Days - Once your editing choices have been submitted, I will adjust the photos for correct white balance, color, exposure, highlight/shadow control, sharpness and crop accordingly. Then I will skin smooth the images and edit out any flyaway hairs, blemishes, etc. The whole post-production process takes 2-3 business days from the time you submit your edit requests. This is a quicker turnaround process than anyone else in Las Vegas!
  • You Own The Photos - I run my business a little differently than most. Generally speaking, copyright is owned by whoever takes the photos. Did you see the article about the monkey who took a selfie with a photographer's camera and won the lawsuit for copyright? Even though whoever physically takes a photograph is legally the copyright owner, when you hire me, I take the photos for you and they are 100% yours. To ensure this, I also deliver a PDF document stating that I release the photos to you and you have permission to use the photos however you want. You own the photos.
  • Additional Services - Photography is the main part of my business but I do offer additional services. I also offer videography services with multiple cameras and angles in 4k with a 3-axis stabilizer; I can watermark your photos with your logo or any custom text, I offer graphic design help to create banners, menus or advertisements for your website, OnlyFans, or social media accounts; and finally, I also offer film scanning services.
  • Contact me for more information about anything listed here or any questions you may have.